Massage for Everyone

Hi.  I’m Jonathan Higgs. A massage therapist specialising in deep tissue, remedial, relaxation and postnatal massage.

Why did I become a massage therapist?

For 8 years I had been a support worker looking after a variety of adults and children with complex needs. I felt that despite my good work I was loosing touch with the caring aspect of my work.

I wanted a new challenge and after lots of looking I found BCMB (Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork). So my massage journey began, and what a ride. Not just learning skills but finding that place inside, that allow the change into becoming a therapist.

My tutors and fellow students, we’re amazing and we went through a lot together, but here I am on the other side beginning my massage journey. We live in a stressful world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Both massage and Yoga are old traditions that are here to help, and help everybody. I feel that through my work I am helping to restore that balance.

What makes my service unique?

I believe its all down to the individual, I create a relaxing healing space and you bring you. This way we can use that perfect healing space, and together we can bring back a sense of wellbeing to mind and body.

What am I doing when I’m not working as a massage therapist?

I feel you should be the example of what you want from life. How can I expect to help people if I am not helping and healing myself? I practice yoga regularly, I still enjoy having regular massage, I love cycling and being creative in the kitchen, as well as growing my own food. I love to read and spend time with friends and family, and there’s always a lot of laughing.

What am I passionate about in me work?

Healing. Whether its muscular problems or insomnia. I always see an incredible benefit coming from what I do. From when a client arrives at my practice tired and stresses from life, to leaving the space refreshed, relaxed and revitalised. That is a continual wonderful experience. It is such a rewarding job on so many levels.