Work Related Stress

Last year there were 10.4 million days lost to stress in the UK. Costing the economy £6.5bn
We all need a little pressure to get the best out of us, which can help us with working hard and completing deadlines. But where do we draw the line?
Massage can help.
I offer work based massage either as a regular visitor or one of treatment day. I can do block of 15 or 20 minute treatments, within an hour. I also have a college that can help if there is a large staff team.
Massage can revitalize, refresh and reduce stress in the work place, bringing in good moral and improving performance at work. As well as saving you money, from paying out sick benefits.
Improve your business and cut costs but mostly have a happy staff team, so please call on 07540975243 or email for more info and arrange a massage day at your work.

I have a portable massage chair and all I need is a small space either in a private room or a quiet part of the office to do my work.